Tentative Seminar Schedules

Fall 2017

Date      Name                      Title or Topic

Sep 21    Logan McLain (ArcBest)    UX Design Process

Sep 22    Tyler Cox                 Ruby on Rails
          Stephen Hoffmann          Improving API Usability

Sep 28    Chad Hale (Acxiom)        TBD

Sep 29    Jake Black                Optical Character Recognition
          Samuel Cobb               Bitcoin Mining and Block-Chain Design

Oct 6     Nathan Burner             Quantum Cryptography
          Curtis Wilson             The Kotlin Programming Language

Oct 20    Heather Anderson          Unreal Engine 4
          Joshua Wertz              Apache Cordova

Oct 27    Luke Uebelein             Firebase 
          John Michael Eaton        Legacy Code Migration

Nov 3     Jeffrey Gasvoda           Stuxnet
          Matthew Sorrell           Ransomware

Nov 10    Connor Phillips           Detecting Software Plagiarism
          Jose Gonzalez             3D Game Development with DirectX

Nov 17    Nikolas Mikolaski         Machine Learning to Automate Stock Trading and Predictions
          Jim Johnson               Amazon Web Services

Dec 1     Mack Peters               Global Image Geolocalization
          Lauren Ragland            Rendering 3D Scenes with Path Tracing Algorithms

Spring 2018

Invited speakers:

  1. Mar 1 - Brent Coffey and Matt Smith from Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
    "A Novel Federated Cloud-Based Multi-Tier Architecture for Clinical Trial Ontology Enrichment, Clinical Study Analysis, and Data Mining"


  1. Bradley Marques: Programming the Amazon Echo
  2. Andres Flores Morales: React Native
  3. Jared Nesbit: ASP.NET MVC