Possible Seminar Topics

The following is a list of topics suggested by the faculty in no particular order. You may find this list helpful in your search for a Computer Seminar topic.
To find other ideas -
  1. Look in current magazines such as: Communications of the ACM, PC Magazine, Popular Science, or Technology Review.
  2. Visit web pages of major research labs such as web.mit.edu/research/, www.lanl.govwww.research.ibm.com, or www.sandia.gov.
  3. Look in your textbooks for chapters that were not covered in class.
  4. Look at seminar topics from previous semesters (your topic must not have been covered in the last 2 years)
  5. Talk to your professors.
Look in confrence prceedings such as:
  1. Google IO
  2. Apple WWDC
  3. //build conference
  4. Java One
  5. Code Conference
  6. JSConf US
  7. Computer Science Conference Rankings