Tired of accessing the latest music videos on YouTube and seeing this?

Missing video from YouTube

The Volitrax add-on for Firefox fixes this problem. If you try to view a music video that has been removed from YouTube but posted at another URL, Volitrax will automatically redirect Firefox to the current location of the music video. (By the way, music videos are frequently duplicated in YouTube. Read more about it here.)

Volitrax is a combination of "volatile" and "tracks", as in music tracks. It was created by Daniel Sebastian in the summer of 2012 as part of an NSF sponsored program (1008492) called the Web Archive Collective (WAC).

Install Volitrax

Volitrax will only work with the Firefox web browser (not Chrome or Internet Explorer).

To install Volitrax, click on the following link from the Firefox web browser: Install Volitrax

After clicking the link, you will likely see the following:

Allow Volitrax to install

Click on the Allow button to allow Firefox to install Volitrax.

You will then see this:

Install Volitrax

Click the Install Now button.

You will then need to click the Restart Now button to restart Firefox:

Restart Firefox

How Volitrax Works

When you access a music video in YouTube, like Crazy by Klaypex, you will be asked if the video's primary theme is a song or music:

Prompt if correct video

Click Yes if this is a music video or related to a particular song. You will then be prompted to verify that the music video you are watching is labelled correctly with the proper artist and title:

Verify metadata

Click Yes if the artist and title are correct or No if they are not. If you choose No, you will be prompted to enter the correct artist and title like so:

Supply new metadata

Note that Volitrax remembers which videos you have already seen, so it will not re-prompt you when you visit the same URL again.

Redirect Example

Below is a link to a video of Reptile (by Skrillex) that has been removed due to copyright violation. When you click on the link, you will briefly see the removed video, but Volitrax will check it's database and see that the video is now accessible elsewhere. Your browser should automatically redirect you to the correct URL.

Removed video of Reptile (by Skrillex)