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Fall 2021
Thu, Sep 23 Kerry Jenkins
Communication for the Software Engineer
Fri, Sep 24 Lauren Moody
Konrad Heyen
The Godot Game Engine
Augmented Reality for iOS
Fri, Oct 8 Grayson Piershale
Johnathan Tucker
The Jai Programming Language for Game Dev
Fri, Oct 15 Andrea Martinez
Noel Bafford
The Random Forest Algorithm
The COBOL Language
Thu, Oct 21 Neil Chilson
Charles Koch Institute
Computer Science and Public Policy: Code vs Law
Fri, Oct 22 Wade Lamberson
Jair Lopez
Quantum Computing
Thu, Oct 28 Hallie Martin
Dr. Frank McCown
Bias in Machine Learning
Android App Development with Kotlin
Fri, Oct 29 Laura Ashburn
Cooper Richardson
Correction of Radial Distortions
The Vue.js Framework
Fri, Nov 5 Easton Pillay
Stanley Huff
Zero Trust Networking
The Julia Programming Language
Tue, Nov 9
Sci 181
Dr. Kris Kyle
University of Oregon
Using NLP and Multivariate Models to Investigate Language Variation
Fri, Nov 12 Jon-Michael Fields (Harding alumnus)
Greg Blodgett
The Transition from Harding to My First Job
Distributed Databases
Fri, Nov 19 Denilson Lemus
Casey Whitener
Progressive Web Apps
Brain Control Interfaces
Fri, Dec 3 TJ Brown
Campbell Walters
Computational Linguistics: N-Gram Models and Hidden Markov Models
Web Components
Spring 2021
Fri, Feb 26 Cam Cohu
Andrew Mock
Rollback Networking in Peer-to-Peer Video Games
Bioinformatic Tools in the CRISPR-Cas System
Thu, Mar 4 David Mohundro
Clear Function Inc.
Cloud Computing
Fri, Mar 5 Gus McCoy
Javan Yeager
Microservices with the Spring Boot Framework
Agile Development and Devops Using Azure Boards
Fri, Mar 19 Jon Curnutt
Charles Yan
The MUMPS Programming Language
Text Classification
Fri, Mar 26 Bryce Wiedower
Loki Wu
Applications of the ELO Rating System
GPS Spoofing
Fri, Apr 2 Derrick Courtney
Jake Osborne
Building a LISP Interpreter in Kotlin
Process Profiling with Flame Graph Visualization
Fri, Apr 9 Spencer Hill
Carson Strother
VPNs Under the Hood
Optical Computing
Fri, Apr 16 Adriana Walls
Kevin Wang
Encoder-Decoder Models for NLP
The Aho-Corasick Algorithm
Fall 2020
Fri, Sep 25 Quinn Brandt
Daniel Hattemer
Real-time Web Functionality with SignalR
Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker
Fri, Oct 2 Matthew Emlaw
Luke Treece
Genetic Programming
3D modeling with Three.js
Fri, Oct 9 Micaiah Soto
Mary Yukich
Cross-platform Applications with Electron
Parallel Algorithms
Fri, Oct 16 Caleb Manor
Lane O'Bryant
C++ Concepts
Procedural Content Generation
Fri, Oct 23 Brock Olree
Diego Pina
Connectionist Models of Natural Language Learning
Vector Clocks
Thu, Oct 29 Dr. Gabriel Foust
CS Faculty
Functional and Generic Programming
Fri, Oct 30 Riley Judd
Adam Johnson
Programming Isometric Video Game Graphics
Reducing Latency in Cloud Computing with Redis
Fri, Nov 6 George Cook
Kyle Huggins
Computer Algebra Systems
Git Internals
Fri, Nov 13 Kyle Dillard
Abraham Morales
Chuck: a Music Programming Langauge
Cross-platform Development with Flutter
Fri, Nov 20 Jonathan Casper
Pedro Navarrete
Augmented Reality with Vuforia and Unity
MongoDB vs. Elasticsearch: a Comparative Study
Spring 2020
Fri, Feb 14 Jeremy Campbell
Courtney Campbell
Angular as a Framework Option
Iconography in UI Design
Fri, Feb 21 Jonathan Thompson
Victor Iris
Vehicle to Vehicle Networks (Broad ATM)
Fri, Feb 28 Taylor Barber
Elliott Frazier
ML Algorithm — Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
Thu, Mar 5 Paul Gower (Lunatech Overcoming Delay: How the Best Developers Increase Productivity
Fri, Mar 6 Emily Collins
Matthew Day
Linear Regression Models using R
Fri, Mar 20 Levi Mason
Bryce Riemer
QISKit (Quantum Information Science Kit)
Fri, Mar 27 Caleb Rudder
Michael Hollingsworth
Fri, Apr 3 David Gillespie
David Anderson
Apache Spark and Data Analysis
Template Metaprogramming
Fri, Apr 10 Hyhway Therrell
Colin Smith
Blockchain — Fundamentals
Blockchain — Private Data Storage
Fall 2019
Fri, Sep 20 Casey Griggs
Tristan Durey
Recommendation Systems
AR Core
Thu, Sep 26 Drew Spickes
ArcBest Technologies
Clean Code
Fri, Sep 27 Lauren Bolin
Steve Stewart
Ethical Hacking
The Symfony PHP Framework
Fri, Oct 4 John Crider
Noah Furby
Pathfinding in Real-Time Strategy Games
The Realities of Cloud Gaming
Mon, Oct 14
Dr. John Keyser
Texas A&M
Controlling Graphic Simulations
Thu, Oct 17 Jason Looney
Continuous Delivery = Continuous Learning
Fri, Oct 18 Judah Goff
Alec Watson
End-to-end Testing with Protractor
Low Latency Systems
Fri, Oct 25 Sam Dillin
Connor Albers
The Scala Programming Language
Fri, Nov 1 Samuel Young
Colton Krantz
Web Components: The Browser’s Framework
Continuous Integration and Delivery
Fri, Nov 8 Trevor Hale
Maggie George
The Rust Programming Language
Biofeedback in Applications
Fri, Nov 15 Ian McCamy
Chase Underwood
Text Generation Using LSTM Networks
Fri, Nov 22 Noah Kinslow Entity Component Systems
Spring 2019
Fri, Feb 15 Jacob George
Isaac Dryden
The LUA Scripting Language and its use in Video Games
Text Generation with a Recurrent Neural Network
Fri, Feb 22 Jhoel Zuniga Cross-platform Game Engines - Cocos2d-x
Thu, Feb 28 Barrett Adair
Guest Speaker
Open Source, Wall Street, and the Dark Side of C++
Fri, Mar 1 Moriah Moore
Kenton Horton
Facial Recognition Algorithms
Progressive Web Apps
Thu, Mar 7 Daniel Trimble
J.B. Hunt
Docker and Kubernetes
Fri, Mar 8 Guancheng Lai
Seth Klein
Using TensorFlow to Build Deep Neural Networks
The Ethics of Algorithms and their Unintended Consequences
Fri, Mar 22 Caleb Spann
Andres Leday
Building Faster Web Apps with WebAssembly
Game AI for NPCs in Video Games
Fri, Mar 29 Taylor Williams
Mario Racancoj
Onshape FeatureScript - Powerful Scripting for CAD
Augmented Reality in Web Development
Fri, Apr 5 Caleb Herring
Daniel Norwood
Interfacing with RFID
Procedural Music Generation: History and Application
Thu, Apr 11 David Easter
FedEx Corp
Real-time Simulation in Flight Training
Fri, Apr 12 Jackson Altman
Jerred Shepherd
Kohonen's Self-Organizing Map
3D Graphics Programming with OpenGL
Thu, Apr 18 Dr. Daniel Shank
MST University
Artificial Intelligence in the Social World: The Personal Moral Consequences of Interacting with Biased Algorithms
Fri, Apr 19 Nicholas Terrill
Jeremy Koel
Component-Based Web Development with PrimeNG
Applications of Fuzzy Logic in Software Systems
Fall 2018
Thu, Sep 20 Sean Beasley
Software Craftsmanship
Fri, Sep 21 Austin Jarrett
Dylan Gonzalez
Web Scraping
Spectre and Meltdown
Thu, Sep 27 Kerry Jenkins
ArcBest Technologies
Innovation In The Enterprise
Fri, Sep 28 Jon-Michael Fields Malicious Web Crawlers
Fri, Oct 5 Bradley Cutts
Benoit Lacoss
Browser Fingerprinting
Fri, Oct 19 Brandy Hudgins
Joshua Toye
React Web Framework
Real-Time Processing with Ada
Fri, Oct 26 Nathan Cobb
Hailey Fields
Onion Routing with Tor
Causality Tracking in Distributed Systems
Thu, Nov 1 Gabriel Foust
CS Faculty
Functional and Generic Programming
Fri, Nov 2 Quinn Moury
Caleb Krise
Defending Against DDOS Attacks
The Go Language
Fri, Nov 9 John David Griffin IPv6
Fri, Nov 16 Brandon Emlaw
Elliot Mabe
Monte Carlo Tree Search
Generative Adversarial Networks
Spring 2018
Thu, Feb 22 Austin Andrews (Spur)
Cross Platform Mobile Apps with Laravel and Ionic
Fri, Feb 23 Anna Crowder
Bryan Cuneo
Geographical Information Systems in Sahana
Flask Web Framework
Thu, Mar 1 BrentCoffey & Matt Smith
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
A Novel Federated Cloud-Based Multi-Tier Architecture for Clinical Trial Ontology Enrichment, Clinical Study Analysis, and Data Mining
Fri, Mar 2 Josue Silvestre
Garrett Holmes
Web VR
Time Series Databases
Fri, Mar 16 Zack McKee Using Markov Chains to Generate English Text
Fri, Mar 23 Derick Estrada
Jared Nesbit
Virtual Private Networks
Fri, Mar 30 Andrew Robison
Andres Flores
Meteor Web Development Framework
React Native
Fri, Apr 6 Bradley Marques
Alaina Bridges
Programming the Amazon Echo
Biological Computing
Thu, Apr 12 Vivens Ndatinya (Cerner) Innovation Acceleration with Continuous Delivery
Fri, Apr 13 Daryl Bagley Class Scheduling with Genetic Programming
Fall 2017
Thu, Sep 21 Logan McLain (ArcBest)
UX Design Process
Fri, Sep 22 Tyler Cox
Stephen Hoffmann
Ruby on Rails
Improving API Usability
Thu, Sep 28 Chad Hale (Acxiom) A Day in the Life of a Release and Deployment Engineer
Fri, Sep 29 Jake Black
Samuel Cobb
Optical Character Recognition
Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain Design
Fri, Oct 6 Nathan Burner
Curtis Wilson
Quantum Cryptography
The Kotlin Programming Language
Fri, Oct 20 Heather Anderson
Joshua Wertz
Unreal Engine 4
Apache Cordova
Fri, Oct 27 Luke Uebelein
John Michael Eaton
Legacy Code Migration
Fri, Nov 3 Jeffrey Gasvoda
Matthew Sorrell
Thu, Nov 9 Dr. Gabriel Foust Constructing a Compiler
Fri, Nov 10 Connor Phillips
Jose Gonzalez
Detecting Software Plagiarism
Direct3D and the Graphics Pipeline
Fri, Nov 17 Nikolas Mikolaski
Jim Johnson
Machine Learning to Automate Stock Trading Analysis and Trading
Amazon Web Services
Fri, Dec 1 Mack Peters
Lauren Ragland
Global Image Geolocalization
Rendering 3D Scenes with Path Tracing Algorithms
Spring 2017
Fri, Feb 10 Kelly Spangler
Cade Jenkins
Fibonacci Heaps
Symbolic Execution
Fri, Feb 17 Russell Chase
Melody Denbraber
Software Test Automation Building
Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing
Thu, Feb 23 Keith Perry (St. Jude) & Alex Fagen (Cerner) Life after Data Structures: Our Journey to the Intersection of Healthcare and Technology
Fri, Feb 24 Cat Wallers
David Pradzynski
Subsumption Architecture
Canvas Animation
Thu, Mar 16
Ken Olree
Waldron Center
Entrepreneurship in Computer Science
Fri, Mar 17 Scott Record Template Metaprogramming
Fri, Mar 24 Aubree Rankin
Keith Cozad
Data Recovery and Deletion
Fri, Mar 31 Braden Madgett
Joshua McAlister
Hybrid Application Development with Ionic
Rust Programming Language
Fri, Apr 7 Que Wood
Sherley Mosquera
Brain Computer Interfacing
Using R for Statistical Analysis and Graphics
Thu, Apr 13 Jim Barton
Dude, Who Stole My Answering Machine? How Cloud Service Platforms Change Everything
Fri, Apr 14 Austin Lutrell
Jonah Roberts
Visual Object Recognition
Garbage Collection
Fri, Apr 21 Benjamin Cline
Jared Owens
Building An End-To-End Real-Time Analytics Platform
Developing Audio Applications
Fall 2016
Thu, Sep 15 Kerry Jenkins & Drew Spickes
ArcBest Technologies
A Brief History of Threading in .NET From Raw Threads to Async-Await
Fri, Sep 16 Nathan Daughety Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithms
Fri, Sep 23 Lucas Curtis Code Obfuscation
Fri, Sep 30 John Thompson
Paul Toillion
MongoDB and the Aggregation Pipeline
Fundamental Concepts of Digital Image Processing
Thu, Oct 13 Matthew Ensor
The Unseen is Eternal: A Walkthrough of, Faith, and the Pursuit of Excellence
Fri, Oct 14 Mallory Eaton Angular 2
Thu, Oct 20 Tom Stone
Ethan Carrell
Virtual Reality in Unity 5
Kinect Programming
Fri, Oct 21 Cameron Laferney WMS (Web Map Service) Protocol
Thu, Oct 27 Hannah Cochran
Kyle Curry
Iris Recognition
Fri, Oct 28 Jordan Merrick An Examination of Voice Recognition Algorithms
Fri, Nov 4 Stuart Spradling Natural Language Processing
Thu, Nov 10 Keith Enslow & Daniel Pack
ABC Financial
Gradle: Continuous Integration - Understanding How Your Code Moves
Fri, Nov 11 Shane O'Keefe ChucK: a Music Programming Language
Fri, Nov 18 Nathan Birus Sorting Vast Amounts of Data; Algorithms in Bioinformatics
Spring 2016
Thu, Feb 11 Brent Coffey & Jeremy Pumphrey
Frederick National Laboratory
Informatics Role in Precision Medicine
Fri, Feb 12 Estras Lopez Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
Fri, Feb 19 Zach Russell A Breakdown of JavaScript Runtime Engines
Fri, Feb 26 Jordan Smith Audio Fingerprinting
Fri, Mar 11 Justin Greenless Evolutionary Computing
Fri, Mar 18 Nathan Roberts An Overview of Artificial Neural Networks
Fri, Mar 25 Jacob Maurier Big Data - Predicting the Future
Fri, Apr 1 Jacob Malone Software-Defined Networking
Fri, Apr 8 Dr. Gabriel Foust Guaranteeing Responsiveness and Consistency in Dynamic, Asynchronous GUIs
Fri, Apr 15 Nathan Hourt
Follow My Vote, Inc.
Blocked and Loaded: Why Blockchain Technology Matters and What it can do for You
Fall 2015
Thu, Sep 24 Butch Gardner
Director, Career Services
Resume Writing
Fri, Sep 25 Emily Strandvold Static Code Analysis Tools
Thu, Oct 8 Drew Spickes
Debugging Improvements in Visual Studio 2015
Fri, Oct 9 Meghan Norris CMU Sphinx 4 - Speach Recognition
Thu, Oct 15 Anna Shafer
National Instruments
Data Flow Programming
Fri, Oct 16 Nik Kovitz Augmented Reality
Fri, Oct 23 Rachel Beeman A Programmer's Guide to Surviving Quantum Computers
Fri, Oct 30 Aaron Webb Random Number/Bit Generation
Fri, Nov 6 Brock McFarland The Augmented Web
Thu, Nov 12 Google
Working for Google: Resume and Interview Tips
Fri, Nov 13 Set Gomez Fog Computing
Thu, Nov 19 ABC Financial A Jump-Start Guide to Succeeding as a Developer
Fri, Nov 20 Caleb Cobb Bridging Air-Gapped Computers using GSM Frequencies
Fri, Dec 4 Tyler Apgar Software Patents
Spring 2015
Fri, Feb 6 Aaron Zimmerman
Allison Calloway
Mathematical Optimization and OpenMDAO
Psychological Factors in Software Development
Fri, Feb 13 Isacar Racine
Daniel Sebastian
SASS - Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets
Thu, Feb 19 Jordan Powell
Robust E-Commerce Architecture
Thu, Feb 26 Justin Nesselrotte
Carver Petty
Open Source Software Development
Fri, Feb 27 Austin Calloway MIDI
Fri, Mar 6 Austin Andrews
Paul Bradley
Procedural Content Generation in Games
Regular Expressions
Thu, Mar 19 Bob Key
Software Quality Assurance
Fri, Mar 20 Caleb Hopper
Evan Smith
Antivirus Software
Software Transactional Memory
Fri, Mar 27 Tony Guo
David Sigmund
Computer Vision and Autonomous Vehicles
Fri, Apr 3 Jake Tansey
Daniel Crouch
Low Energy Bluetooth Beacons & Software that Interacts with Them
Bloom Filters
Fri, Apr 10 Amadeus Sanchez
Brent Ward
OpenCV (Computer Vision)
A Comparison of User Authentication Models
Fall 2014
Fri Sep 12 Luc Sutherland Database Indexes
Thu Sep 18 Logan McLain
ArcBest Technologies
Brain Games: The Science of User Experience Design
Fri Sep 19 Samuel Miller
The Hack Programming Language from Facebook
Fri Sep 26 Christopher Moury
Cloud Server Security Vulnerabilities
Fri Oct 3 Sam Tripp
Cellular Automata
Wed Oct 15 Matt Clement
LifeWay IT
Reactive Programming at LifeWay
Thu Oct 16 Maria Midence
Daniel Zimpfer
Cognitive Computing
A Survey of JavaScript Libraries
Fri Oct 17 Andrew Cancienne WebSockets
Thu Oct 23 Thane Durey
Garrett Kelley
Security Systems and Protocols
RESTful Web Services
Fri Oct 24 Wesley Masters What is a Web Browser?
Fri Oct 31 Savannah Pendergrass TypeScript
Thu Nov 6 Michael Matthews Makefiles and Build Process Automation
Fri Nov 7 Stephen Wolters Maximum Flow Algorithm
Fri Nov 14 Jace Nicolson Unity Game Engine
Fri Nov 21 Brandon Ragsdale Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) Software
Fri Dec 5 Christian Ceren Responsive Web Design
Spring 2014
Thu. 5:30 pm Feb. 6 Eric Strandvold
Flatirons Solutions
Creating a JDBC Driver for an XML Database
Fri. Feb. 7 Abby Miller Sequence Analysis in Bioinformatics
Fri. Feb. 14 Herson Alfaro AngularJS and Single Page Applications
Wed. 4:30 pm Feb. 19 Jordan Simpson Steganography in WAV Files
Fri. Feb. 21 Tyson Richardson Raspberry Pi
Fri. Feb. 28 Josh Cruz Software Development for Wearable Computers/Smart Watches
Thu. 5:30 pm Mar. 6 Drew Spickes
Clean Code
Fri. Mar. 7 Chase Hampton Meteor Open Source JavaScript Platform
Thu. 5:30 pm Mar. 20 Kyle Weaver & Mitchell Blue
Visualizing Data
Fri. Mar. 21 Zac Petty RavenDB
Wed. 4:30 pm Mar. 26 Barrett Montgomery
Nathan Martinez
Dependent Types
Architecture and Theory of Web Clustering Engines
Fri. Mar. 28 Russell Dillin Elixir
Fri. Apr. 4 Cody Chambers Programming Quantum Computers
Fri. Apr. 11 Taylor White Recommender Systems
Fri. Apr. 18 Elizabeth (Bruce) Lilley Project Management in Software Engineering
Fri. Apr. 25 Diego Castillo CakePHP

Fall 2013
Fri. Sep. 13 James Sutherland Django - Python Web Framework
Thu. Sep. 19 Logan Mclain
Data-Tronics Corporation
How SignalR is Turning the Internet Upside Down: An Unexpected Journey
Fri. Sep. 20 Stephanie Nill Speaker Recognition
Fri. Sep. 27 Stephen Emerson A Look into Machine Learning
Thu. Oct. 3 Jared Hodge
National Instruments
Agile and SCRUM in the Workplace
Thu. Oct. 10 Denny Williford
ABC Financial
How to Act During Software Development Job Interviews
Fri. Oct. 11 Monica Yarbrough Reed-Solomon Error Correcting Codes
Thu. Oct. 24 Sarah Hansen
Travis Lanier
Exploring the Security Vulnerabilities of Connected Devices
Inside the .NET Framework
Fri. Oct. 25 Michael Starks XAML 3D Graphics
Fri. Nov. 1 Hunter Kennon Programming the Leap Motion Controller
Thu. Nov. 7 Dr. Eddy Borera
Lipscomb University
Machine Learning and Its Applications to Real World Problems
Fri. Nov. 8 Luke Hoffmann NoSQL with Hadoop and MapReduce
Thu. Nov. 14 Zack Wilson
Isaac Alvarado
Programming 3D for the Oculus Rift
Optimizing Hotspot Detection in 2D
Fri. Nov. 15 Kreston Lee Principles and Examples of N-grams
Thu. Nov. 21 Jon Scott Smith
David Domasig
Fri. Nov. 22 Josh Griffith Organic Computers
Spring 2013
Fri. Feb. 8 JD Sandoval SPDY: Making the Internet Faster
Fri. Feb. 15 Brett Carver Ray Tracing
Fri. Feb. 22 Chris Pruitt haXe Programming Language
Fri. Mar. 1 Brian Vogl JavaScript-Based Applications
Fri. Mar. 8 Daniel Schliffka Fractal Geometry and Networking Applications
Fri. Mar. 22 Eric Strandvold Google Go
Fri. Mar. 29 Heather Tweedy Video Text Detection and Extraction
Fri. Apr. 5 Ashton Kinslow Zettabyte File System
Thu. Apr. 11 Kerry Jenkins
Data-Tronics Corporation
Windows Azure Service Bus
Fri. Apr. 12 Gage Gwaltney Data Fusion: The Two Databases
Fri. Apr. 19 Mark Kellermeyer Survey of Scenegraphs
Thu. Apr. 25 Dr. Steve Nordstrom
Lipscomb University
Software Architectures for Flight Avionics and Model Based Design of Reliable Software
Fall 2012
Thu. Sep. 13 Drew Spickes
Datatronics Corporation
Practical LINQ
Fri. Sep. 14 Conor Kirkman Code Clones
Fri. Sep. 21 Kaleb Lape Applying Knuth's Algorithm X to Sudoku Solving
Fri. Sep. 28 Dr. Fortune Mhlanga
Lipscomb University
Preparing Today's and Tomorrow's Tech Workforce Through Christian Higher Ed
Thu. Oct. 11 David Mitchell
Logos Bible Software
Learning Techniques for Scaling Web Sites and Teams
Fri. Oct. 12 Gary Torres CoffeeScript
Fri. Oct. 19 Ethan Adkisson OPA: Web Programming for the Cloud
Fri. Oct. 26 Andrew Larsen Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a Family of Encryption Algorithms
Fri. Nov. 2 Elizabeth Phillips Alice
Fri. Nov. 9 Dustin Howell Inversion of Control
Thu. Nov. 15 Matt Lee
Developing for Security
Spring 2012
Thu. Feb. 9 Denny Williford
ABC Financial
How to Write Good and Bad Code and Why it Matters
Fri. Feb. 10 Dana Steil
Computing Faculty
Spatial Indexes
Thu. Feb. 16 David Mitchell
Logos Bible Software
Overview of Logos Technologies and Architectures
Fri. Feb. 17 Chad Hale Facial Recognition
Fri. Feb. 24 Branden Paugh The R Language
Fri. Mar. 2 Alberto de Pena The Dart Language
Thu. Mar. 15 Logan McLain & Kerry Jenkins
Software Development Interviews
Fri. Mar. 16 Rebekah Hayes COBOL
Thu. Mar. 22 Jose Lozano Cloud Computing
Fri. Mar. 23 Kevin Flatt Network Routing Protocols
Fri. Mar. 30 Alex Avance Using Web Services in Android Development
Tue. Apr. 3 David Duke
Harding alumni
Making Safe Decisions for Diabetics using Noisy Data
Fri. Apr. 6 Robert Dennis QML
Thu. Apr. 12 Joel Neely
FedEx Services
Objects to Patterns to Functions
Fri. Apr. 13 Alex Yang .NET Entity Framework & LINQ
Fri. Apr. 20 Allen Cochran C++ 11 Standard
Fri. Apr. 27 Christian Aguirre Push Technology
Fall 2011
Fri. Sep. 23 Charlene Nutt Digital Libraries
Fri. Sep. 30 Patrick Darbee Home Automation Software
Thu. Oct. 6 Logan McLain
The .NET Web Stack
Fri. Oct. 7 Nathan Gleaves Database Parallelization
Fri. Oct. 21 Regis Ngaboyisonga The Semantic Web
Thu. Oct. 27 Nathan Hourt Data Compression
Fri. Oct. 28 Griffin Howard Lua Programming Language
Fri. Nov. 4 Richard Schneider Solving Substitution Ciphers
Thu. Nov. 10 B.J. Hardage
Rural Sourcing, Inc.
Grails: Groovy on Rails (No, this isn't Soul Train)
Thu. Nov. 17 Elijah Manor
Senior Architect at appendTo
Javascript Programming Tips
Fri. Nov. 18 Vivens Ndatinya Persistent YouTube Links
Spring 2011
Thu. Feb. 17 Weston Castleberg The Distributed Tree Search
Fri. Feb. 18 Benjamin Hale Detecting Software Plagiarism
Thu. Feb. 24 Stephen Fierbaugh
Director of IT, Pioneer Bible Translators
Technology in the Developing World
Fri. Feb. 25 Ryan Taylor Programming Windows Phone 7
Thu. Mar. 3 B.J. Hardage
Rural Sourcing, Inc.
Java Business Application Development:
A Chameleon's Trade
Fri. Mar. 4 Keith Perry
Associate Vice President & Deputy CIO,
Univ of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
How Computer Science is Shaping Medicine
Fri. Mar. 11 Ben Pschierl Focused Web Crawling
Fri. Mar. 25 Daniel Benskin Crowdsourcing
Fri. Apr. 1 Mark Perreault HTML5
Fri. Apr. 8 Kyle Weaver Hacking the Kinect
Fri. Apr. 15 Daniel Tate Recommender Systems
Fri. Apr. 22 Jeff Ruhl Real-Time Game Networking
Thu. Apr. 28 David Easter
Senior Instructional Development Specialist,
FedEx TechOps Training
Be The Bridge: Things They Should've Told Me or Maybe I Just Wasn't Listening

Fall 2010

Fri. Sep. 17 Rae Melton Silverlight
Fri. Sept. 24 Misael Cojtin Digital Preservation
Fri. Oct. 1 Bryce Dickerson Privacy in a Networked World
Thu. Oct. 7 Kerry Jenkins
Threading in Business Applications
Fri. Oct. 8 Nate Willingham The F# Programming Language
Fri. Oct. 15 Jordan Powell
Custom Credit Systems
Thriving as a Programmer
Fri. Oct. 29 Paul Sherrod The Flex Programming Language
Thu. Nov. 4 Chris Leach &
Brent Walker
Developing a Physics Engine
Photoshop Plugin Development
Fri. Nov. 5 Kent Sheldon Animating Photorealistic Humans
Thu. Nov. 11 Juan Quema &
Joseph Miller
Ruby on Rails
Fri. Nov. 12 Adam Smith Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)
Thu. Nov. 18 Dana Steil
CS Faculty
HUB-CAPS Student Worker Activity Reports
Fri. Nov. 19 Ryan Parent The Go Programming Language
Fri. Dec. 3 Seth Ringling Wiihabilitation

Spring 2010

Thu. Jan. 21 Gabriel Foust
CS Faculty
Object Oriented Programming with JavaScript
Fri. Feb. 5 Kaley Crum Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Fri. Feb. 12 Nathan Wilhelm Web Browser Security
Fri. Feb. 19 Marshall Lilly Application Development for the BlackBerry
Thu. Feb. 25 Gabriel Foust
CS Faculty
Object Oriented Programming with Perl
Fri. Mar. 5 Scott Herring Quantum Computing
Fri. Mar. 19 Logan McLain Panda 3D
Fri. Mar. 26 Robert Montgomery Maya Plugin Development using MEL script and Python
Fri. Apr. 2 Tyler Conn Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Fall 2009

Fri. Sep. 18 Justin Barrios Tracking a Large Mobile Database
Fri. Sep. 25 Justin Kirk Virtual Machines
Thu. Oct. 1 Brian Sullivan
Object-Relational Mapping using NHibernate
Fri. Oct. 2 Aaron Chism Cloud Computing
Tue. Oct. 13 Kerry Jenkins
Web Application Security
Fri. Oct. 16 Dana Steil
CS Faculty
A Computing Theoretic Approach to the Creation of Police Patrol Routes Targeting Hotspot Road Segments
Fri. Oct. 23 David Farrow TCP/IP Vulnerabilities
Thu. Oct. 29 Dr. Frank McCown
CS Faculty
What Happens When Facebook is Gone?
Fri. Oct. 30 Brett Jones Facial Recognition
Thu. Nov. 5 Dr. Tanton Gibbs
Working in Web Search
Fri. Nov. 6 Paul Davenport Parallelizing the Compiler

Spring 2009

Fri. Feb. 6 Eric Hollingsworth Monte Carlo Techniques and Random Numbers
Thu. Feb. 12 Philip Huff
Arkansas Electric Cooperative
Improved Biometric Cryptography
Fri. Feb. 13 Jason Beard Cyber Warfare
Fri. Feb. 20 Rowmean Rodriques Web Archiving
Fri. Feb. 27 Angela Withrow Women and Computing
Fri. Mar. 6 Thomas Hackman Peer-to-peer (P2P) Networks
Fri. Mar. 20 Jonathan Banta Programming the IBM Cell Broadband Engine
Thu. Mar. 26 Dr. Frank McCown
CS Faculty
Human-Assisted Preservation for ORE Aggregations
Fri. Mar. 27 Jonathan Motes Qt: Writing Cross-Platform Applications
Thu. Apr. 2 Jeremy Finefrock
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Technology for Oil & Gas
Fri. Apr. 3 George Green XML User Interface Language (XUL)
Fri. Apr. 10 Rodolfo Hernandez Programming the Palm Device
Fri. Apr. 17 Ariana Homan-Cruz The MD5 Hashing Algorithm
Fri. Apr. 24 Tim Newbill Search Engine Optimization

Fall 2008

Fri. Sep. 19 Jon Wrye Exploring the Deep Web
Fri. Sep. 26 BJ Hardage Google Web Toolkit
Fri. Oct. 3 Benjamin Lopez High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI)
Thu. Oct. 9 David Mohundro
Introduction to PowerShell
Fri. Oct. 10 Irby Shafer The Semantic Web
Thu. Oct. 23 Dr. Bruce McMillin
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Information Flow Properties for Security in Cyber-Physical Systems
Fri. Oct. 24 Matt Hepburn Graph Databases
Thu. Oct. 30 Jacob Cook
Bridging the Gap - Excel Capabilities in Today's Web Applications
Fri. Oct. 31 Jeremy Bullock Data Visualization
Thu. Nov. 13 Brian Sullivan
Debugging Evolved: An Intro to Automated Unit Testing
Fri. Nov. 14 Dr. Frank McCown
CS Faculty
Adversarial Information Retrieval on the Web
Fri. Nov. 21 Ruby Obando Session Initiation Protocol
Thu. Dec. 4 Kate Hill Programmers as People
Fri. Dec. 5 Isaac Bailey Programming Language for CS1

Spring 2008

Fri. Feb. 8 Bennett Ritchie Design Patterns
Fri. Feb. 15 Josh Stauter Web 2.0 and JavaScript Frameworks
Fri. Feb. 22 Lauren McLaughlin Scratch
Fri. Feb. 29 Dacia Roper Survey of Error-Correcting Codes
Fri. Mar. 14 Justin Pilgrim Programming LaTeX
Fri. Mar. 21 Ross Thian iPhone Third Party Applications
Fri. Mar. 28 Andy Sawyer Web Mashups
Fri. Apr. 4 Pablo Oropin ASP.NET and AJAX
Thu. Apr. 10 Gabriel Foust, CS Faculty A Visualization of Context-Free Grammars: How I wrote Overflow
Fri. Apr. 11 Jon White, CE Faculty Using Honeytokens for Data Security
Fri. Apr. 18 Wilber Romero Understanding Adobe Flex
Fri. Apr. 25 Kerry Jenkins, Datatronics Corporation Programming Windows Mobile Devices

Fall 2007

Fri. Sep. 14

Daniel Bewley

Fri. Sep. 21 Cindy Villalobos JINI
Fri. Sep. 28 Nathan Daniels Scrabble A.I.
Fri. Oct. 5 Braulio Jaen Software Reusability
Fri. Oct. 12 Mark Rucker Multicore Systems
Thr. Oct. 18 Kerry Jenkins, Application Development Architect,
Datatronics Corporation
Legacy Systems
Fri. Oct. 19 Daniel Nicholas Facebook API
Fri. Oct. 26 Tad Dockery Numenta
Fri. Nov. 9 Amy Tang Teraflops Computers
Thr. Nov. 15 David Anderson, Solution Architect, BEA Systems Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Fri. Nov. 16 Glen Tankersley OGRE 3D
Thr. Nov. 29 Frank McCown, Computing Faculty Lazy Preservation, or Where Did My Website Go?

Spring 2007

Fri. Feb. 2

Jose Rodriguez

Intrusion Detection Systems
Fri. Feb. 9 Keylor Campos Custom Tags in JSP
Fri. Feb. 16 Mike Schaadt LISP Beyond the Basics
Fri. Feb. 23 Anthony Sofio Gaussian Blur using MPI
Fri. Mar. 2

Terry Talley, Chief Technology Leader

Kevin Liles, Technical Advisor

Tanton Gibbs, Software Developer

Acxiom Corporation

Acxiom Business Intelligence GRID

Fri. Mar. 9 Jonathan Stinson Apache Modules
Fri. Mar. 23 Terry Frazier Document Imaging Software
Thr. Mar. 29 Kerry Jenkins
Application Development Architect

Windows CardSpace

Fri. Mar. 30 Adam Dizer Intelligent Agents
Fri. Apr. 6 Andrew Fittz Distributing Roommates
Fri. Apr. 13 Eric Knutson Protecting the Stack
Fri. Apr. 20 Joe Morgan Mono
Fri. Apr. 27 Willie Wellspring Artificial Life & Society-based Learning


May 3

David Lilly
Sr. Systems Engineer
Raytheon Corporation
Integration of Mission Critical High Performance Computer Systems

Fall 2006

Tue. Sep 12 Chris Sewell
Stanford University
Surgical Simulation
Fri. Sep 15 Jason Housby WI MAX Technology
Fri. Sep 22 Edgardo Canales ERP
Fri. Sep 29 David Easter Google Map Hacks
Fri. Oct 6 Kerry Jenkins
Fri. Oct 13 Chris Allison DRUPAL
Fri. Oct 20 Kevin Nelson PLONE
Thr. Oct 26 Aaron Moore XNA
Fri. Oct 27 Jennifer Moore Vein Scanning
Fri. Nov 10 Daniel Benton MD Hashing Algorithms
Fri. Nov 17 Brad Hill A Neural Net Implementation

Spring 2006

Fri. Feb. 3 Heath Mote CLR
Fri. Feb. 10 John Calvillo Java Server Faces
Fri. Feb. 17 Matt Reed Swarm Intelligence
Fri. Feb. 24 Adam Thompson AJAX(Asynchronous Javascript and XML)
Fri. Mar. 3 Luke Coleman Web Services Protocols (SOAP vs. REST)
Thr. Mar. 9 Jared Stilwell XML Data Binding
Fri. Mar. 10 Joseph Perero Aspect Oriented Programming
Thr. Mar. 23 Chris Worden Executable Launch Procedure
Fri. Mar. 24 Chris Fassett "Atlas" for ASP.NET
Thr. Mar. 30 Kerry Jenkins Analyzing .NET Crash Dumps
Fri. Mar. 31 Justin Johnson ZigBee Wireless Technology
Thr. Apr. 6 Jacob Rommann 3D Game Engines
Fri. Apr. 7 Peter Kirby Smarty Template Engine for PHP
Fri. Apr. 14 Matt Alexander The Zen of Rootkits
Fri. Apr. 21 Keith Stobaugh Ruby On Rails
Fri. Apr. 28 Nick Schramm X-Windows
Fri. May 5 Joshua Chick Software Piracy Prevention Technologies

Fall 2005

Fri. Sep 16 Josh Wrye Reversible Debugging
Fri. Sep 23 Daniel Tignor Human Interactive Proofs
Thur. Sep. 29 Frank McCown, CS Faculty Warrick: Website Reconstruction for the Lazy Webmaster
Fri. Sep 30 Dustin Sullivan Soft Dev for Cell Phones
Fri. Oct 7 David Locke Genetic Algorithms
Thur. Oct 13 Ryan Brown Bit Torrent Protocol
Fri. Oct 14 Chris Curry Philosophical Limits of AI
Fri. Oct 21 Chris Fassett IPTV
Fri. Oct 28 James Humphrey VXML
Fri. Nov 4 Wes Kennedy ARP Cache Poisoning
Fri. Nov 11 Stacy Faith Forensic Computing
Fri. Nov 18 Luis Vargas Pervasive Computing

Spring 2005

Fri. Feb 4 Andrew Raynor Usability and Accessibility
Fri. Feb 11 Stephanie Lee E-Commerce Software Tools
Fri. Feb 18 Jonathan Galloway Yukon Database System
Fri. Feb 25 Jed Veatch The "D" Programming Language
Fri. Mar 4 Daniel Isaacs Text Mining
Thur. Mar 17 Cris Guin The Semantic Wed
Thur. Mar 17 Jared Williams Cryptography
Fri. Mar 18 Jorge Garita The VIRI chip
Fri. Mar 25 Sean Beasley Wireless Security
Mon. Mar 28 Dr. Robert Ward Computing Research & Graduate Studies
Fri. Apr 1 Jake Dyniewski Motes
Fri. Apr 8 James Holston The "Ruby" Programming Language
Fri. Apr 15 Rafael Ramirez Rich Internet Applications
Fri. Apr 22 Mike Markievitch SCTP
Fri. Apr 29 James Stathopoulo Virtual Networks
Fri. May 6 Matthew Javellana Multimedia Security

Fall 2004

Fri. Sep 17 CS Faculty Important Departmental Information
Fri. Sep 24 Luke Fain 3D Graphics Engines
Fri. Oct 1 Josh Rine L33T Speak
Fri. Oct 8 Kerry Jenkins From College to the "Real World"
Fri. Oct 15 Wes Plybon XForms
Thur. Oct 21 Anthony Hughes Low-level Port Interfaces
Fri. Oct 22 Joel DeYoung Careers in the Game Industry
Fri. Oct 29 Luis Rivera 3D TV
Fri. Nov 5 Coy Nance Software and the BCS
Fri. Nov 12 Johan Muir Millipede
Fri. Dec 3 Victor Chamo Adobe Premier
Fri. Dec 10 Jonathan McClean Music Presentation Software

Spring 2004

Fri. Feb 13 Eric Daulton Higher Education ERP Systems
Mon. Feb 16 Ken Olree Magnetically induced unidirectional action potentials in peripheral nerve
Fri. Feb 20 Julia Miagkaia Speech Recognition
Fri. Feb 27 John Vinson Embedded Systems
Fri. Mar 5 Trey Glass Social Engineering
Thurs. Mar 11a Bryan Tarpley Longhorn OS
Thurs. Mar 11b Benjamin Yam Cell phone Wireless Technology
Fri. Mar 12 Jordan Powell Organic Computers
Thurs. Mar 25a Tim Wylie X-Windows
Thurs. Mar 25b Jesse Wyatt Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
Fri. Mar 26 Emily Gwinn Voting Machines
Thurs. Apr 1a Nestor Martinez IP Version 6
Thurs. Apr 1b Brian Thoman CLisp Interpreters
Fri. Apr 2 Matt Weston Computers in Meteorology
Thurs. Apr 8a Najada Bedini Direct Play
Thurs. Apr 8b Marx Rojas Windows Registry
Fri. Apr 9 Aaron Mount Direct 3D Programming
Thurs. Apr 15 Wes Hardin Practical Perl
Fri. Apr 16 Irving Cordova Computer Forensics
Fri. Apr 23 Douglas Sanders Bioinformatics
Fri. Apr 30 Colin Neller Academic Advising System
Fri. May 7 David Harvey Internet Searching Algorithms

Fall 2003

Sep 19 Stefan Johnson The EXPECT scripting language
Sep 26 Jeremy Mitchell Windows Installer
Oct 3 Alex Lambert Internet Worms
Oct 10 Daniel Lawson Optical Storage Devices
Oct 17 Brian Sullivan Musical Notation Software
Oct 24 Jeff Stanley Sensor Technology
Oct 30 Marvin Salgado Document Management Systems
Oct 31 Ben Taylor Video Card Technology
Nov 6a Shane Wright Personal Area Networks
Nov 6b Paul Spitler OpenGL
Nov 7 Chris Teo Digital Signal Processing
Nov 13a Abby Boyd Medical Robotics
Nov 13b Justin Maddox Auto ID Center
Nov 14 Jon Cordell Spam Filters and Internet Security
Nov 21 Matt Phillips Post-Relational DBMSes
Dec 5 Carlos Antunez Antivirus Software

Spring 2003

Feb 7 Todd Goen Computer Assisted Language Learning
Feb 14 Zeb Holland-Lake Grid Computing
Feb 21 Christina Zhu PHP
Feb 28 Eralda Tarpley Fingerprint Recognition
Mar 7 John Thompson ASP.Net
Mar 13 Tom Hittlet Hydra
Mar 14 Mike Zelnik Telematics and the Automobile
Mar 27a Chad Hicks MIDI

Mar 27b

Jay Callicott LiveMotion
Mar 28 Rolando Ramos Genetic Programming
Apr 3a Shane Chambers Database Administration
Apr 3b Anibal Tamacas Unix Security
Apr 4 David Mohundro Smart Client Software
Apr 10a Caleb Pagel Face Recognition
Apr 10b Jared Myers Internet Resilency
Apr 11 Mike Baur ParaSoft's Debugging Tools
Apr 17a Seth Salley MySQL
Apr 17b David Miller Quantum Algorithms
Apr 18 Nate Huddleson Finite State Automata

Apr 24a

Luke Irvine LOGO
Apr 24b Daniel Shank Learning Algorithms
Apr 25 Mike Dominski Programmer Life Cycle
May 1a Brandon Wood Macromedia Flash
May 1b David Mitchell XML Web Services
May 2 Casey Picker Voice over IP

Fall 2002

Sep 13 Mike Veigel Home Game Console Evolution
Sep 20 Philip Huff RSA Algorithm
Sep 27 Sean McMasters Machine Learning
Oct 4 Nathan Masters Software Patents
Oct 11 Markus McClellan Software Quality Assurance
Oct 18 Jonathan McNair Architecture of PDAs
Oct 25 Jeremy Garman AMD Hammer Processor
Oct 31 Erik Luchauer Distance Education
Nov 1 Nathan Stilwell Palladium
Nov 7 Roland Latifi Network Topologies
Nov 8 Tong Tong Gong Thin Client Architectures
Nov 14 Jon White Nanotechnology
Nov 15 Matt Hendren Game Engines for Scientific Research
Nov 21 Rebecca Coone GNOME
Nov 22 Addam Krucek Sun SPARC Chipset
Dec 5 Toby Coone Graphics Rendering Engines
Dec 6 Dipmala Lukhi International Character Sets

Spring 2002

Feb 1 Kevin Baxter Trends in Storage Media
Feb 8 David Baird Extreme Programming
Feb 15 Lesley McKeever XML
Feb 22 Aaron Ogle Windows XP
Mar 1 Cyrus Downey Compilers
Mar 8 Kyle Rhodes DirectX
Mar 15 Rob Denton Mono
Mar 29 Jose Valencia Web Services
Apr 5 Gregor Tamindzija Design Patterns
Apr 11 Brandon Fergusson ColdFusion
Apr 12 Emerson Otzoy Cyber Terriorism
Apr 18 Thomas Hittlet Tech. for the Visually Impaired
Apr 19 Francisco Gomez .NET Security
Apr 25 Daniel Dubois Quantum Computers
Apr 26 Randy Quesada The Semantic Web
May 3 Kristen Burnet Data Warehousing

Fall 2001

Sep 21 James Winter Professional Certifications
Sep 27 Jody Venkatesan, Guest Speaker Careers in IT Security Auditing
Sep 28 Renee Henderson MVC Architecture (Model-View-Controller)
Oct 4 Jay Beamon Computer Ethics
Oct 5 Joshua Patterson OLED - New Computer Displays
Oct 11 Jason Jacoby MINIX
Oct 12 Justin Snyder Flash v5
Oct 18 Alex Janes Beowulf Clusters
Oct 19 Caleb Rogers Programming the Palm OS
Oct 25 Mark Knutson Computer Aided Surgery
Oct 26 John Homer Bluetooth
Nov 1 Joel Coehoorn Digital Sound Recording
Nov 2 Leslie Kemp Steganography
Nov 8 Nico Gladfelter Apache - Web Server
Nov 9 Marilyn Dowdy Computer Technology that Enables the Disabled
Nov 15 Phil Harwell Ogg Vorbis - Open Source Alternative to MP3
Nov 16 Philip Shockley Translation Programs
Nov 29 Fernando Vasquez Biometrics
Nov 30 Jennifer Cameron Telepresence
Dec 7 Cody King Advanced Techniques with ASP

Spring 2001

Feb 2 William Anderson LORE - XML Database System
Feb 8 John Chesshir The Rudy Programming Language
Feb 9 Tony Orozco OLAP
Feb 16 David Gardner Graphic Engines
Feb 23 Josh Davis Computing in Agriculture
Mar 2 Bryan Gamble Optical Communication
Mar 8 Matt Ensor Computer Recycling
Mar 9 Maria Lopez DNA Architecture and COM+
Mar 15 Mitch Terlisner Data Mining
Mar 16 Shawn O'Brien Evolution of the "Smart Car" - Computers and Autos
Mar 30 Hugo Pineda Electronic Data Interchange
Apr 5 Greg Barber Effect of Open Source on Industry
Apr 6 Jessica Gonzalez C++ STL: Standard Template Library
Apr 12 Damon Herren What is IT?
Apr 13 Krista Anderson E-Commerce Security
Apr 19 Matt Seaton Business Simulations
Apr 20 Vicente Menjivar Motion Capture for Computer Animation
Apr 27 Sylvia Ujueta SAP
May 4 Stefanie Seiders UML in the Workplace

Fall 2000

Sep 12 Paul Gower XHTML
Sep 15 Jason Sherman Samba Network File Server
Sep 22 Danny Allison, Guest Speaker
DigitalMD Systems
Developing Solutions with Current Technologies
Sep 29 Carlos Baltodano The CORBA Connection
Oct 6 Doug Helm Wireless Application Protocols
Oct 13 Adrienne Nunnally Voice and Data Integration
Oct 20 Kara Lee The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction
Oct 27 Troy Sidle Active Server Pages
Nov 3 Patrick Bewley SWING Library for Java
Nov 10 Kevin Birdwell The C# Programming Language
Nov 17 Shawn Fergason Active Directory Services
Dec 1 Dilia Fuentes Business Intelligence Systems
Dec 8 Andy Mount Encryption Algorithms

Spring 2000

Jan 28 Jared Hodge Applying Computer Science to Robotics
Feb 4 Will Goddard Optical Computing
Feb 11 Michael Jenkins Python Scripting Language
Feb 18 Jeremy Kemp Tcl/Tk Scripting Language
Feb 25 Will Jones POVRAY Graphics System
Mar 3 Elizabeth Velasquez Biometrics in Computer Security
Mar 10 Matthew Welch BEOS Operating System
Mar 17 Shane Hinerman Information Warfare
Mar 31 Brian Duncan Macromedia Programming in Lingo and C++
Apr 7 Thad Sayre Windows CE Software Development
Apr 14 Timo Kosonen OpenGL Graphics Package
Apr 21 Adrienne Nunnally Convergence of Information & Communication
Apr 28 Amy Atkinson Jini Standard for Device Communication
May 5 Stephen Livingston Applying Fuzzy Logic to Computer Science

Fall 1999

Sep 17 Chris Charles, Senior Speaker Three Dimensional Computer Graphics
Sep 24 Tracy Oliver, Senior Speaker Molecular Computing
Oct 1 Erik Beatty, Senior Speaker Beowulf Clustering
Oct 8 Elijah Manor, Senior Speaker Cold Fusion Web Design System
Oct 8 Dr. Daniel St. Clair,
Guest Speaker - UMR
Machine Learning
Oct 15 Adrienne Wilson, Senior Speaker Optical Character Recognition
Oct 22 Matthew Clement, Senior Speaker Active Template Libraries & COM
Oct 29 Cynthia Castillo, Senior Speaker Network Storage Systems
Nov 5 Wayne Cook, Senior Speaker Web Data Collection & Privacy
Nov 12 Wendi Sisson, Senior Speaker Web and Database Interaction
Nov 19 Mario Torres, Senior Speaker E-Commerce Security
Dec 3 Gary Bull, Senior Speaker Decision Support Systems
Dec 10 Moises Aguilar, Senior Speaker Real-time Audio/Video via the Internet

Spring 1999

Jan 29 Kevin Pieckiel, Senior Speaker POSIX Threads
Feb 5 Jeremy Pumphrey, Senior Speaker Piracy and Today's Technology
Feb 12 Miriam Ortega, Senior Speaker Distributed Databases
Feb 19 Mike Godknecht, Senior Speaker Human Computer Interaction
Feb 26 Will Gorrell, Senior Speaker Extranets
Mar 5 Nathan Poznick, Senior Speaker Open Source Software
Mar 12 Brian Richardson, Senior Speaker MPEG Audio Compression
Mar 26a Scott Bradford, Senior Speaker Microsoft Foundation Classes
Mar 26b Tracy Hall, Senior Speaker Wireless LAN Technology
Apr 2 Tanton Gibbs, Senior Speaker Regular Expressions
Apr 9 Alfred Smith, Senior Speaker Quantum Computing
Apr 16a Daniel Vandegrifft, Senior Speaker Genetic Algorithms
Apr 16b Oscar Hernandez, Senior Speaker PGP
Apr 23 Desmond Leslie, Senior Speaker Scripting Languages
Apr 30 Austin Nesbitt, Senior Speaker Netware vs NT

Fall 1998

Sep 18 Troy Berreth, Senior Speaker The Merced Architecture
Sep 25 Ryan Campbell, Senior Speaker eXtensible Markup Language
Oct 2 James Rickett, Senior Speaker Musical Instrument Digital Interface
Oct 9 Brian Harmon, Senior Speaker Palmtop Computing and Windows CE
Oct 13 Denny Williford, Alltel Info Systems Object Oriented Design
Oct 16 Jonathan Albright, Senior Speaker Distributed Net
Oct 23 Alberto Vasquez, Senior Speaker IPv6
Oct 30 Neil Chilson, Senior Speaker Parallel Programming & Algorithms
Nov 4 Matt Lee, Applied Tech Systems CCM Database Engine
Nov 6 Jason Dyniewski, Senior Speaker Active Web Database Programming
Nov 13 Angela Knox, Senior Speaker Electronic Data Interchange
Nov 20 Tom Noel, Senior Speaker ISP's of the Future
Dec 4 Eric Brooks, Senior Speaker Biological Computing

Spring 1998

Jan 30 Yessica Sanchez Virtual Reality in the Work Place
Feb 6 Krissy Cross, Senior Speaker Computer Viruses
Feb 13 Jeff Baker, Senior Speaker Wireless Communications
Feb 20 Seth Crum, Senior Speaker The Amiga
Feb 27 Mitchell Blue, Senior Speaker Speech Recognition
Mar 6 Jennifer Parker, Senior Speaker Simulations of the Human Immune System
Mar 13 Karina Lungo, Senior Speaker Data Warehousing
Mar 27 Gabe Foust, Senior Speaker Finite State Automata
Apr 3 Cris Milner, Senior Speaker Imaging Technology
Apr 10 Rick Blair, Senior Speaker Smart Card Technology
Apr 17 Cathy Mullican, Senior Speaker Firewall Technology
Apr 24 Jonathan Ultis, Senior Speaker Practical AI Applications

Fall 1997

Sep 19 Denny Williford, Alltel Info Systems Graphical User Interface Design
Sep 26 Denise Miller, Harding University Cooperative Education Opportunities & Experiences
Oct 3 Scott Biddle, Senior Speaker The Evolution of Computing
Oct 10 Brent Coffey, Senior Speaker ActiveX Technology
Oct 17 Aaron Ortiz, Senior Speaker Computer Driven Vehicles
Oct 24 Shelton Dickson, Senior Speaker DVD Technology
Oct 31 Matt Kunkel, Senior Speaker Robotics
Nov 7 Linda Makarova, Senior Speaker Clockless CPU Architectures
Nov 14 Amy Boyd, Senior Speaker JavaScript
Dec 5 Juan Brenes, Senior Speaker Firewall Technology
Dec 12 Carmen Yalovenko, Senior Speaker The Internationalization of Software

Spring 1997

Jan 24 Dan Jackson, Senior Speaker The Effects of Technology Upon Society
Jan 31 Scott Swalwell, Senior Speaker New User Interfaces
Feb 7 Todd Hall, Senior Speaker Machine Learning
Feb 14 Jackie McCarty, Senior Speaker Flash Pix
Feb 18 Josué Méndez, Senior Speaker The Year 2000 Problem
Feb 21 Matt Lee, Senior Speaker MMX
Feb 28 Brook Prater, Senior Speaker Holographic Storage
Mar 7 Miguel Carranza Ray Tracing
Mar 21 Francisco Lopez, Senior Speaker Digital Money
Mar 28 José Marini, Senior Speaker Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Apr 4 Angela Luttrell, Senior Speaker Special Effects
Apr 11 Shawn Whitney, Senior Speaker Adaptive Computing
Apr 18 Jason Brown, Senior Speaker COBOL 97
Apr 25 Josh Harr, Senior Speaker Steganography

Fall 1996

Sep 27 Denise Miller, Harding University Cooperative Education Opportunities & Experiences
Oct 4 Kelly Nance, AR Blue Cross, Little Rock Computer Security
Oct 11 Brian Jones, Applied Technology, Seattle Programming with Microsoft Foundation Classes
Oct 18 Joshua Coon, Senior Speaker Encryption
Oct 25 Keity Lowery, Infospinner, Inc. Technologically Christian
Nov 1 Ken Fleming, Senior Speaker Reliable Networks
Nov 8 Andy Ashworth, Senior Speaker Neural Networks
Nov 15 Christian Serafeim, Senior Speaker The Computer of the Future
Nov 22 Jason Arnold, Senior Speaker Programming Games for Windows 95
Dec 6 Dana Steil, Senior Speaker The Dialogic Interface System
Dec 13 John Cannon, Senior Speaker The Net & the Church