Tentative Seminar Schedules

Fall 2020

Date           Name                      Title or Topic

Fri, Sep 25    Quinn Brandt              Real-time Web Functionality with SignalR
               Daniel Hattemer           Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker

Fri, Oct 2     Matthew Emlaw             Genetic Programming
               Luke Treece               3D modeling with Three.js

Fri, Oct 9     Micaiah Soto              Cross-platform Applications with Electron
               Mary Yukich               Parallel Algorithms

Fri, Oct 16    Caleb Manor               C++ Concepts
               Lane O'Bryant             Procedural Content Generation

Fri, Oct 23    Brock Olree               Connectionist Models of Natural Language Learning
               Diego Pina                Microsoft Process Profiling

Fri, Oct 30    Riley Judd                Programming Isometric Video Game Graphics
               Adam Johnson              Reducing Latency in Cloud Computing with Redis

Fri, Nov 6     George Cook               Computer Algebra Systems
               Kyle Huggins              Git Internals

Fri, Nov 13    Kyle Dillard              Chuck: a Music Programming Langauge
               Abraham Morales           Cross-platform Development with Flutter

Fri, Nov 20    Jonathan Casper           Augmented Reality with Vuforia and Unity
               Pedro Navarette           MongoDB vs. Elasticsearch:  a Comparative Study

Spring 2021

Date           Name                      Title or Topic

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3         Javan Yeager

Week 4         Gus McCoy

Week 5         Charles Yan

Week 6         Loki Wu

Week 7         Bryce Wiedower

Week 8

Week 9