Tentative Seminar Schedules

Fall 2023

Date           Name                      Title or Topic

Thu Sep 28     Kerry Jenkins            The Pros and Cons of Working Remotely
               Courtney Campbell
               Jeremy Campbell
               ArcBest Technologies
Fri Sep 29     Brody Caudill            The Scala Language
               Isaac Hardy              The Angular Framework

Fri Oct  6     Fall Break
Thu Oct 12     Tracy Marshall           Continuous Integration
               Northrup Grumman
Fri Oct 13     Tony Thompson            Technology Addiction
               Lawson Neal              Machine Learning in Graphical Upscaling
Fri Oct 20     Joel Hoppe               Using the Signal Protocol for Secure Messaging
               John Aldrich             Code Profiling as a General Tool

Thu Oct 26     David Mohundro           Having Fun with Slack, Websockets, and Speakers
               ClearFunction Inc

Fri Oct 27     Tiag Campney             Packet Hacking
               Collin Brock             Cassandra No-SQL Database
Fri Nov  3     Ricard Jove               The Rust Programming Language
               Fernando Vides            Building Intelligent Chatbots

Fri Nov  3     Keith Perry               Technology as a Tool to Improve Medicine
 3 pm          CIO, St Jude's Hospital

Fri Nov 10     Anna Grace Haley          Tableau: A Data Visualization Tool
               Chloe Dalyrmple           Benefits and Uses of the Panda Data Frame
Fri Nov 17     Kennady Rogers            TensorFlow and Time Series Forecasting
               Garrett Harr              The Newly Enhanced Godot Game Engine
Fri Nov 23     Thanksgiving Break

Fri Dec  1     Duilio Rosciano           Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption Algorithms
               Samuel Wade               Generative AI to Assist Software Developers
Unless noted otherwise, all Friday sessions are at 7 am in Science 113 and all Thursday
sessions are at 4 pm in Science 113.

Spring 24

Date           Name                      Title or Topic


				 1 Elijah Davidson
				 2 Allen Fries
				 3 Mitchell Current
				 4 David Lainez
				 5 Caleb Arnold
				 6 Avery Hawkins
				 7 Joshua Sutton
				 8 Kate Guyer
				 9 Jack Johnson
				10 Ross Cherry
				11 Caleb St Clair
				12 Matt Ingalsbe
				13 Tyler Szostek
				14 Colton Marshall
				15 Max Guyer
				16 Kyle Shanichilubwa
				17 Caleb Merroto
				18 Michael Newman