Tentative Seminar Schedules

Note: Week 1 of seminar is normally about week 5 of the semester. This semester it will be week 6.

Spring 2022

Date           Name                      Title or Topic

Thur Feb 17   David Mohundro             GraphQL
              ClearFunction Inc.
Fri Feb 18    Kadyn Williams             Computer Generated Music
              Sargent Ervin              Inside MP3              

Fri Feb 25    Parker Harrelson           Dart
              Andrew Rardin              Socket Programming
Fri Mar 4     Parker Cutbill             Random Number Generators in Game Development*
              Christopher Salazar        Go
------- Spring Break ------

Fri Mar 18    Zach Rosin                 Brain-based AI  
              Anthony Hackworth          Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs)

Fri Mar 25    Gavin McCulley             Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
              Mark Powers                Detecting Software Plagiarism    

Thu Mar 31    Kelley Spangler            To be determined
              Alumnus, Data Analyst,
			  Chase Visa

Fri April 1   Mason Laferney             Honors Thesis: Predicting probabilistic cellular automata 
                                                        using feed forward neural networks

* Tentatively approved, but waiting for final approval