Topic Restrictions

Considerations when choosing a topic:

Suggested Seminar Topics

The following is a list of topics suggested by the faculty in no particular order. You may find this list helpful in your search for a Computer Seminar topic.

Other Ideas

  1. Look in current magazines such as: Communications of the ACM, CODE Magazine, MIT Technology Review.
  2. Search for scholarly papers in: ACM Digital Library, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, Google Scholar
  3. Find technologies mentioned in StackOverflow Developer Survey Results
  4. Visit web pages of major research labs such as,, or
  5. Look in your textbooks for chapters that were not covered in class.
  6. Look at seminar topics from previous semesters (your topic must not have been covered in the last 2 years)
  7. Talk to your professors.
  8. Look in confrence prceedings such as:
    1. Google IO
    2. Apple WWDC
    3. //build conference
    4. Java One
    5. Code Conference
    6. JSConf US
    7. Computer Science Conference Rankings